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5 Specific Ways The Flint Journal Can Do Better

By Afi Scruggs Although the furor is waning over the Flint Journal’s handling of Councilmember Wantwaz Davis’ criminal past – the newspaper did not report that he is an ex-felon until the day after the election – one question remains: How will the newspaper prevent a similar lapse? Editor Marjory Raymer apologized to readers, but she has not said what the paper will do to prevent similar episodes from happe ...

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Why The Flint Mich. Journalism Fail Was Journalistic Neglect

When traditional media falls short in its responsibility to inform the public, a ritual invariably follows: Acknowledgement, apology and promise to improve. The same old routines resume, however, after the rite– until the next breakdown. That's why I'm rolling my eyes at The Flint (Mich.) Journal. The paper failed to provide the most cursory of local election news coverage of a convicted murderer who ran an ...

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Punditry vs. Reporting

The blurring of lines between news and commentary continues on CNN By Tracie Powell None of CNN’s journalists who anchor news desks, host documentaries, or report the the news—with the exception of Don Lemon—have the freedom to express their opinions on other platforms, and certainly not on air. It looks like he's making the move to full-time pundit in his new prime time gig, and that's probably a good thin ...

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‘Scandal’ Schools Journalists On Perpetuating Sexist Stereotypes

By Tracie Powell I am a gladiator. That simply means that I am a huge fan of the ABC series Scandal; I even belong to a Facebook fan group of Scandalholics comprised primarily of journalists who appreciate the show's great storytelling. Set in Washington, D.C. the show follows the travails of a fictional president (Tony Goldwyn's Fitzgerald Grant), his mistress (Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope) and a series ...

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Enemies of the State: Government Surveillance in Communities of Color

Government Monitoring Is A Way of Life for Communities of Color By Tracie Powell Immigrants, Hispanics, blacks and Muslim Americans are used to living under the watchful eye of the government. It's simply a way of life, which may explain why communities of color seem to be unfazed by news reports about government spying on citizens. Or maybe they've just forgotten their history. Advocacy organizations are s ...

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Clicks Ain’t Journalism

By Tracie Powell When it comes to the news industry, clicks are increasingly the coin of the realm. This is especially true for local television news. Take, for example, Washington, D.C.’s CBS affiliate WUSA 9 News, which aired a segment last week that was light on news, but racked up plenty of clicks when it went viral. The segment features veteran broadcaster Bru ...

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