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Where are all the black tech innovators in America?

By Mike Green Where are black tech innovators in America? It's a good question that was raised in Silicon Valley two years ago when Angela Benton met legendary investor Mitch Kapor and founded NewMe, the first accelerator in Silicon Valley focused on black startup founders. Soledad O'Brien's "Black in America" series catalyzed a national debate when it spotlighted the NewMe Accelerator and the controversy o ...

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GOP Launches Modernization of Communications Law Using A Dry Erase Board, Markers & YouTube

By Tracie Powell House Republican leaders Fred Upton (R-Mich.) and Greg Walden (R-Ore.) sat in front of a dry erase board with the hash-tag, #CommActUpdate, written in marker, to talk with former Federal Communications Commissioner Robert McDowell (a GOP appointee) via Google Hangout about updating the 1996 Communications Act. If ever there was an oxymoron. It is also symbolic of what's wrong with Washingto ...

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Journalists are increasingly playing a role in creating branded content

By Tracie Powell When it comes to blurring the lines between advertising and news content, some journalists are leading the way. In the past, news organizations worked extra hard to keep their news and advertising departments separate. But the digital age, and the increasing importance of native advertising to news gatherers' bottom line, is changing all of that. Mashable's Chief Strategy Officer, Adam Ostr ...

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Yahoo serves up the same old recipe with Couric pick

By Tracie Powell Katie Couric's brand has underwhelmed and under-performed ever since she left NBC's Today Show in 2006. Yet Yahoo now thinks she'll be a big eyeballs and revenue draw as its new global news anchor. She might bring some initial attention to the aging Internet company, but I write why it probably won't work in the long-term in this weekend's The Washington Post. Can Couric attract a younger, ...

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