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Enemies of the State: Government Surveillance in Communities of Color

Government Monitoring Is A Way of Life for Communities of Color By Tracie Powell Immigrants, Hispanics, blacks and Muslim Americans are used to living under the watchful eye of the government. It's simply a way of life, which may explain why communities of color seem to be unfazed by news reports about government spying on citizens. Or maybe they've just forgotten their history. Advocacy organizations are s ...

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To Code or Not To Code. That is not the question, nor should it be, writes Mathew Ingram for Paid Content. Journalists, he said, ignore a basic working knowledge of computer programming at their own peril. "Now more than ever knowledge is power," Ingram states. "More than that, it means having an appreciation for how technology affects the way media and content are being produced, consumed and distributed — ...

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Is Twitter Ruining America and American politics? "Why do we need journalism when we have social media" is the rallying cry of those who have a perspective to share. If you have something to say — a cool link you saw or a photo or a review of a restaurant — you go on Facebook and Twitter and Yelp and say it. Why do you need journalists to tell you about links or how good restaurants are when you have social ...

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Are News Editors Suffering From ‘NSA Fatigue?’

By Tracie Powell Columnist, author, lawyer, investigative journalist and activist Glenn Greenwald believes when it comes to individual privacy breaches in the name of national security editors may be suffering from "NSA fatigue." But at the same time, he said, the public is more engaged than ever when it comes to these issues. Greenwald and Janine Gibson, Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian, fielded questions o ...

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