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WaPo’s New ‘Black News’ Section: Good or Bad Idea?

Just in time for the unveiling of the Martin Luther King memorial in Washington, D.C., The Washington Post had its own unveiling this week. The staid newspaper quietly added a 'black news section' to its website. Except for a few paragraphs in Richard Prince's Journalisms -- a media watchdog column about issues facing minority journalists -- the Post's new 'black section' received scant attention. In 2008, ...

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Four of the Most Powerful ‘Female’ Players In New Media Have Google Connections

Four of the five most powerful women in new media have Google connections. This week Forbes released its annual report on the World's 100 Most Powerful Women. Five of the women highlighted in the report are defying the status quo in the male-dominated technology sector. Sheryl Sandberg is Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, where she oversees the company's business operations, including sales, marketing, b ...

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More Diversity Needed at NBCUniversal?

"Undercovers," a glossy drama about African American married caterers who moonlighted as spies, was the centerpiece of NBC's aggressive campaign touting its commitment to boosting diversity. "NBC trumpeted "Undercovers" as a response to opponents of the network's merger with cable giant Comcast who contended NBC had a historically poor record when it came to placing African Americans in front of and behind ...

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FCC Eliminates Fairness Doctrine in Rules Shake-Up

The controversial Fairness Doctrine and 82 other rules governing electronic media were deemed obsolete and, therefore, abandoned by the FCC on Monday. FCC chairman Julius Genachowski called the rules "outdated" and said they were being removed to lessen the burdens of regulation on media companies. The decision also includes significant reductions in satellite and broadcasting license fees, various media ou ...

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Whiz Kid On The ABCs of Technology

I missed this youngster at the National Association of Black Journalist's Convention held earlier this month in Philadelphia, but I have been reading the reviews about him and his current hot book, "The ABC's of Technology." Twelve-year-old Malachi Munroe calls himself the 'Lil’ Technology Professor,' and rightly so. His books, like his passions, center on cutting edge technology products like Apple iPads a ...

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Diversity Drives Innovation… Slowly

The Atlanta Post has an interesting Q&A with Bonita Coleman, Google's Vice President of U.S. sales. Coleman, formerly director of interactive communication at Chrysler, says she's optimistic about he movement toward women in leadership roles in technology and advertising. "Diverisity drives innovation," the Howard University grad states. "I see many talented women every day, at all levels of leadership, ...

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