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‘Scandal’ Schools Journalists On Perpetuating Sexist Stereotypes

By Tracie Powell I am a gladiator. That simply means that I am a huge fan of the ABC series Scandal; I even belong to a Facebook fan group of Scandalholics comprised primarily of journalists who appreciate the show's great storytelling. Set in Washington, D.C. the show follows the travails of a fictional president (Tony Goldwyn's Fitzgerald Grant), his mistress (Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope) and a series ...

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Nobody Ever Called Einstein A ‘Whore’

By Tracie Powell Throughout its 168 year history, Scientific American is known as much for its writers as it is for its exploration of science and technology. Many famous scientists, including Albert Einstein, have written for the magazine. Danielle Lee is another one of its well-known scientific writers. Lee, a biologist who studies animal behavior, mammals and the ways organisms interact with their enviro ...

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