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Media Wars: Who Won This Round?

Howard Kurtz described the drama at TechCrunch as 'a clash of cultures' on Sunday's 'Reliable Sources.' The truth is these two cultures -- between what is now commonly labeled as 'new media' and 'old media' -- have been clashing for a while now. A media war has been quietly brewing for much of the past decade. The battle lines are largely being drawn by those who know a lot about technology and business, bu ...

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NAACP Turns To Social Media To Help Stop Georgia Execution

This may be Troy Davis' last chance to live. Davis was convicted and sentenced to death in 1991 for the 1989 murder of off-duty Savannah police officer Mark Allen MacPhail. Davis’s conviction was based largely on eyewitness testimony and, in the intervening years, the case against him has fallen apart. Seven of the nine witnesses against Davis have recanted or contradicted their testimony and three of those ...

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Of 50 Wealthiest Lawmakers, 11 Have Tech/Media Ties

Eleven of the 50 richest members of the U.S. Congress have ties to the growing technology and new media sector, including the top two spots on the list, according to a report published today by Roll Call. The majority of those who comprise the exclusive list derive their income from real estate holdings and trust funds or their spouse is the one with the money. Another commonality on the list is that there ...

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Google Advances Fight Against Piracy

Google just announced that it has made significant progress in tackling copyright infringement online. In April, Google settled copyright infringement claims brought by music publishers over the unauthorized use of music videos on the company's YouTube website. The settlement allows music publishers to form licensing agreements with YouTube and to receive royalties. Music publishers and songwriters had comp ...

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NABJ On Writing Well

Whether writing for an established magazine or a little-known blog, if writers want to engage readers or get more ‘hits,’ it is imperative to write well. Writing is an ongoing process that gets better with practice; even those who have been at it for years strive to improve their craft, often rewriting the rewrites without ever achieving perfection. There are a few tricks of the trade that can help develop ...

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Can Social Media Help Revive Oprah’s Brand?

Once upon a time, the mere mention of Oprah Winfrey's name conjured up eyeballs and dollar signs. My how times have changed. Winfrey ruled daytime television for decades before she decided to move her successful formula of chatty self-help and infotainment to cable earlier this year. After only two months in existence, Oprah's heavily hyped network, OWN, attracted even fewer viewers than the programming it ...

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WaPo’s New ‘Black News’ Section: Good or Bad Idea?

Just in time for the unveiling of the Martin Luther King memorial in Washington, D.C., The Washington Post had its own unveiling this week. The staid newspaper quietly added a 'black news section' to its website. Except for a few paragraphs in Richard Prince's Journalisms -- a media watchdog column about issues facing minority journalists -- the Post's new 'black section' received scant attention. In 2008, ...

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Four of the Most Powerful ‘Female’ Players In New Media Have Google Connections

Four of the five most powerful women in new media have Google connections. This week Forbes released its annual report on the World's 100 Most Powerful Women. Five of the women highlighted in the report are defying the status quo in the male-dominated technology sector. Sheryl Sandberg is Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, where she oversees the company's business operations, including sales, marketing, b ...

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More Diversity Needed at NBCUniversal?

"Undercovers," a glossy drama about African American married caterers who moonlighted as spies, was the centerpiece of NBC's aggressive campaign touting its commitment to boosting diversity. "NBC trumpeted "Undercovers" as a response to opponents of the network's merger with cable giant Comcast who contended NBC had a historically poor record when it came to placing African Americans in front of and behind ...

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FCC Eliminates Fairness Doctrine in Rules Shake-Up

The controversial Fairness Doctrine and 82 other rules governing electronic media were deemed obsolete and, therefore, abandoned by the FCC on Monday. FCC chairman Julius Genachowski called the rules "outdated" and said they were being removed to lessen the burdens of regulation on media companies. The decision also includes significant reductions in satellite and broadcasting license fees, various media ou ...

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