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Whiz Kid On The ABCs of Technology

I missed this youngster at the National Association of Black Journalist's Convention held earlier this month in Philadelphia, but I have been reading the reviews about him and his current hot book, "The ABC's of Technology." Twelve-year-old Malachi Munroe calls himself the 'Lil’ Technology Professor,' and rightly so. His books, like his passions, center on cutting edge technology products like Apple iPads a ...

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Diversity Drives Innovation… Slowly

The Atlanta Post has an interesting Q&A with Bonita Coleman, Google's Vice President of U.S. sales. Coleman, formerly director of interactive communication at Chrysler, says she's optimistic about he movement toward women in leadership roles in technology and advertising. "Diverisity drives innovation," the Howard University grad states. "I see many talented women every day, at all levels of leadership, ...

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